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The Structure of the UEM

The governing organs of the United Evangelical Mission are laid down in the Constiution:

The General Assembly
The Council and
The Management Team.
The General Assembly is formed every six years, but meets every three years. It currently consists of 73 delegates from the 39 members of the UEM. The Regional Assemblies Africa, Asia and Germany are established as committees of the Assembly. They include the delegates of the General Assembly from each region as well as additional delegates from the region. The regional assemblies meet in rotation with the General Assembly.

The Council 2022 - 2027

The Council consists of  14 delegates of the General Assembly:

  • the moderator 
  • four persons from each of the three regions of the UEM
  • and one young adult

The Council advises and supervises the the Management Team, elects the General Secretary, appoints the General Secretariat and the Executive Secretaries for Finance and Administration and one other Executive Secretary as members of the Management Team.

The Management Team

Members of the Management Team:

Rev Dr Andar Pasaribu Parlindungan, General Secretary; Rev Dr John Wesley Kabango, Executive Secretary Division Africa/ Germany, Deputy General Secretary; Timo Pauler, Executive Secretary Administration & Finance, Deputy General Secretary; Rev Dr Dyah Krismawati, Executive Secretary Division Asia/Germany; Rev Dr. Jochen Motte, Executive Secretary Division JPIC (currently on sabbatical); Rev Félicité Ngnintedem, Executive Secretary Global Programs I.

The Management Team consists of up to eight persons, all of whom except the General Secretary are appointed for a term of four years.
The UEM Management Team is not to be confused with the "Executive Committee" (Vorstand) described in §26 of the German Civil Code, which at the UEM is known as the General Secretariat and has three members:  

  • the General Secretary
  • the Executive Secretary for Finance and Administration
  • one other Executive Secretary

The General Secretary chairs the Management Team as well as the General Secretariat. The General Secretary has an eight-year term and is eligible for re-election.

The Regional Assemblies are organised as committees of the General Assembly. Each of these regional assemblies consists of the General Assembly delegates from that region along with additional delegates from the region. The Regional Assemblies meet in the off-years of the General Assembly.

The UEM Constitution allows for a maximum of seven Executive Secretaries, who together with the General Secretary comprise the Management Team.

Two Regional and Two Programmatic Departments

Two Regional Departments
The Africa Region is headed by the Executive Secretary African Region, based in Wuppertal. The Deputy Executive Secretary of the Africa Region heads the UEM office in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. The Asia region is headed by the Executive Secretary Asia Region, also based in Wuppertal. The deputy head of the Asia region heads the UEM office in Pematangsiantar in Indonesia. Since October 2022, the German Region has been led by the Executive Secretaries Africa and Asia. The Deputy Executive Secretary of the German Region is based in the Wuppertal office. 

The regional offices in Tanzania and Indonesia are mainly responsible for planning and implementing joint programs.In the Germany region, programs are implemented in the context of our concept "Global Learning in Ecumenical Perspective (GLEP)".

Two Programmitic Departments
The program work is divided into 2 departments. The Global Program I department includes the programs and projects on development, evangelism, the volunteer programs (South-North, South-South and North-South) and the VEM scholarship program. The Global Program II department includes the programs and projects on justice, peace and the integrity of creation, the International Diaconia and the Interregional Women's Network.

More information about the UEM, the working methods and organizational structures can be found here.



photo: UEM
Rev. Dr. Andar Parlindungan
General Secretary of UEM
Rudolfstr. 137
42285 Wuppertal
+49 202 89004-172
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Dr. Martina Pauly
Rudolfstrasse 137
42285 Wuppertal
+49 0202 89004-135
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Ute Mruck
Assistant to the General Secretary
Rudolfstr. 137
42285 Wuppertal
+49 202 89004-171


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