In the course of the educational work, several publications such as work aids or confirmation materials have been produced over the years - tried and tested work aids for the practice, which can be ordered here.

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A big variety of books on mission and ecumenism as well as fair trade products from many UEM countries.

Documentations and Material to Order

  • Partnership Manual (in various languages)

    UEM project manual, Wuppertal 2015, 28 pages 

    The manual is availabale in German, English, French, Indonesian und Kiswahili

  • Peace Conference 2017 "Together Against Extremism and Violence"

    The documenation "Together Against Extremism and Violence" can be ordered here

    Download PDF here

  • Broken Women in a Broken World (women's work)

    Download brochure here

  • Jatropha

    The flyer on Jatropha can be downloaded here

    MibonoJe, ni mimea ya manufaa au ni balaa kwa maskini wa Tanzania?

  • Master of Arts (MA) Diaconic Management

    Studying Globally, Managing Contextually, Acting Responsibly Institute for Diaconic Science and Diaconic Management (IDM) | 

    United Evangelical Mission (UEM) | Protestant University Wuppertal/Bethel

    New expanded edition, Course I: 2011– 2013, Course II: 2013 – 2015,  84 Seiten, Wuppertal 2015, kostenlos

    Download the documentation here

  • Religion and Ageing

    Andrea Bieler, Matthias Stracke, Angelika Veddeler (Eds.)

    Religion and Ageing

    Intercultural and Interdisciplinary Explorations

    Contact Zone. Explorations in Intercultural Theology, Band 20

    304 pages, ISBN 978-3-374-05179-3, 38 Euros

    Order here.

  • Witchcraft, Demons and Deliverance

    Claudia Währisch-Oblau, Henning Wrogemann (Eds.)

    Witchcraft, Demons and Deliverance  

    A Global Conversation on an Intercultural Challenge

     Band 32, LIT Verlag 2015, 328 pages, ISBN 978-3-643-90657-1, 34,90 Euro

    October 2014 in cooperation with "Institut für Interkulturelle Theologie"

    Order here

  • „Mission still possible?"

    „Mission still possible?"

    Global Perspectives on Mission and Mission Theology

    Contributions to a Conference of the United Evangelical Mission 

    20 Years after Internationalisation

    Foedus Verlag, Solingen 2017, 232 pages, ISBN 978-3-938180-55-6, 9,80 Euros

    PDF download

    Order here

  • Inclusive Communities and the Churches

    Jochen Motte, Theodor Rathgeber (Eds.)

    Inclusive Communities and the Churches

    Realities, Challenges and Visions

    Documentation of the UEM International Conference in Stellenbosch,

    South Africa, November 2014, foedus Verlag 2016, 188 Seiten, 5 Euro ISBN 978-3-938180-51-8

    Im November 2014 kamen Vertreterinnen und Vertreter von VEM-Mitgliedskirchen in Stellenbosch, in Südafrika zu einem Seminar zusammen. Sie wollten einander zur Suche nach neuen Wegen ermutigen, um so inklusiv zu werden, wie Jesus es in seinem Leben und seiner Verkündigung des nahen Reiches Gottes gezeigt hat. Darüber hinaus hatten sie Gelegenheit, Programme und Projekte der gastgebenden Kirchen und Organisationen kennenzulernen. Diese Initiativen sollen in einer Gesellschaft, die früher von der Apartheid geprägt war, Inklusion verwirklichen. Die Idee der Inklusion eröffnet einen neuen Blick auf Unrecht, Gewalt, Konflikte und Armut.

The Smile of the Gospel - UEM poster campaign reflecting the five work areas of the United Evangelical Mission

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  • Partnership Work

    We live partnerships without frontiers

  • Diaconia

    We need a safe home

  • Evangelism

    Our strength is our passion for everyone

  • Development

    I want a good future

  • Advocacy

    My life in dignity is given by God

  • Our Mission: Reformation Worldwide

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