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Every Human Being matters to God

UEM co-workers visiting the Mlandizi Vocational Centre (above)

and the Kibiti forestry project (below). Photos: John Wesley Kabango/UEM

Coronavirus time reminded us the hard times we had in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, where everybody was in fear for her/his life. When we are in trouble, “do we ever make a promise that if God were to answer our prayer, we will do something or will not do something ever again?” In the today’s ever-changing Coronavirus news, we find ourselves discouraged, disheartened by all types of Medias or feeling defeated by a lot of difficulties. The responses to the UEM Prayer alert are a great encouragement that believers are well equipped to face the dangers brought by Coronavirus. Here are some of responses received from the three continents, where UEM members are found: 

 “God is bigger than Corona. He will heal the world.” (Victoria Kisyombe, Tanzania).  “We pray for us... for all the world.” (Tia Siahaan, Indonesia). “I could pray all day. For my friend who is grieving. For the cashier in the supermarket who told me that today, only three of six colleagues showed up. For the senior couple who are quarrelling because they are so overwhelmed. For politicians and journalists. For all those who are working on keeping people paid, providing technical solutions for home office, and securing food for the homeless. I could just pray all day. How about you? (Maria Herrmann, Germany).

When a crisis arises in our lives, it is easy to question about our faith. But we are promised by God that He will be with us in everything coming on our way. Let us “not be afraid” trusting God who He is and how He ensures us to live. God is our strength and our refuge, an ever-present support in trouble. (Psalm 46: 1, 2, 11). We always experience encouragement from people who receive UEM support, like in the following short report. 

Impressive UEM Supported Projects visited in February 2020. 

In February and March 2020, UEM colleagues visited projects and had field work in Tanzania. It was witnessed community sustainable development in all meetings we organized. It is noticed that UEM gives an opportunity to African members to practice key development principles: good planning, effective partnership, participatory learning and celebrating growth.

Good planning: UEM members practice participatory processes in setting project goals, taking decisions and enabling community members to reach desired results. Effective partnership: a trustworthy and respectful cooperation of all stakeholders. This creates relationships which ensures projects’ successes. Individuals and groups are valued contributors and partners from the bottom to the top are equal project owners. Participatory learning: helps to apply clear, transparent communication to timely address conflicts of interests as they are felt.  Celebrating growth: the whole team has to take concrete actions to celebrate project success and achievements.

The East and Costal Diocese (ECD) in Dar es Salaam showed the UEM Co-workers impressive projects in their rural areas: In 2011, in Kibiti ECD missionary parish (three hours’ drive from Dar es Salaam), the UEM Justice, Peace, Integrity of the Creation and Africa Departments supported the community to start a forestry project which is growing each year and is today in 2020 ca. 1000 hectares. 

In September 2016, the UEM General Secretary, Rev Volker Martin Dally planted a mustard tree in opening the Mlandizi Vocational Centre for young people living with disabilities (two hours’ drive from Dar Es Salaam) who are trained to be qualified for a job. In 2020, the tree is providing shade.  UEM supported projects are an illustration of how UEM donations help the community to grow as the planted tree grew tall and today provides shade against sunshine.                       

May God bless all His people, UEM supporters and keep all healthy!

Rev Dr John Wesley Kabango, UEM Africa Department


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