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Several deaths after heavy rainfall in Congo

Heavy rainfall in April led to massive flooding in Uvira. Almost 18,000 were made homeless. Photo: © CBCA / UEM

In order to help the victims of the floods, the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland (EKiR), the Evangelical Church of Westphalia (EKvW) and the United Evangelical Mission have each provided its member and partner church, the Baptist Church in Central Africa (CBCA), 10,000 euros in emergency aid.

Heavy rainfall in April led to massive flooding in Uvira, a town on the northern shore of Lake Tanganyika in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Several people died and almost 18,000 were made homeless. Uvira and neighbouring areas are particularly affected. Seven main rivers feeding Lake Tanganyika had burst their banks due to the heavy rainfall.

According to initial reports, more than 2,000 houses along the shore of Lake Tanganyika were severely damaged on 15 April. During the night of 16-17 April, torrential rains in Uvira washed away several houses where people were sleeping. Many people died and many families had to spend the night outside. This natural disaster has made the situation of the people in and around Uvira even worse, because they too have to observe the restrictions in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Host families who have taken in the homeless people are overwhelmed. Their solidarity can force them to violate individual restrictions. The damage caused by the floods has affected not only homes, but also church buildings, schools and health stations.

The Baptist Church immediately convened a local crisis committee and began identifying the victims. The church provides the people with food and important household items as well as pastoral care. The funds are also needed to repair schools, chapels, health infrastructure and the like.

In order to support the Baptist Church in Central Africa in its relief efforts, the United Evangelical Mission asks for donations to the account IBAN DE45 3506 0190 0009 0909 08 at KD-Bank, keyword: Flood disaster East Congo. More information about the situation of the people in East Congo:

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IBAN: DE45 3506 0190 0009 0909 08