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The North-South Volunteer Group 2019/20 during the preparation for the one-year foreign assignment, which lasted several days. (Photo: R.Hedtmann/UEM)

Do you already know our Instagram account @volunteersinmission?

We, the north-south volunteer group 2019/20 of UEM, created it last year. In our countries of operation many volunteers shared impressions in their "own highlight", which can be viewed on our account, as well as posted stories on a specific topic on our "SharingSunday".

Now all of us North-South volunteers have been back in Germany since the end of March due to Corona and our voluntary service, which some of us have also continued in Germany through a replacement activity, is coming to an end.

In our online returnee seminar we not only reflected and exchanged a lot about the past but also talked about the future of our account @volunteersinmission.

The volunteers Hannah Bilgenroth, Milena Javersek and Emily Rossbach, for example, found themselves in a small group and dealt with the topic of "German arms exports" more intensively. To do so, they used @volunteersinmission to share knowledge, ask quiz questions or conduct surveys on the topic. They had the following goals: To attract attention, stimulate reflection and provide information.

So why not continue to use the account and the reach, which now has around 250 followers?

If you feel addressed as a South-North Volunteer, South-South Volunteer or North-South Volunteer and bring along desire, ideas and commitment to help shape the account in the short, but also in the long term, then contact Emily at

We are looking forward to you!


P.S. #share #like and #subsribe are always welcome by the way - #help to spread the content. This is also #volunteering ;)


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