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(Photo: R. Elbracht/UEM)

On Christmas Day, a groovy uptempo song goes online on the UEM website. The title, “Celebration!” is based on an attractive song written by Doreen Wahl. The English language text gives succinct reasons for celebrating Advent, Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, Ascension Day, Pentecost, Thanksgiving, and the Day of Remembrance of the Dead. The catchy chorus invites you to sing along. The song was arranged and recorded by Tine Hamburger, singer, vocal coach and choir leader, and Claus Feldman, pianist and producer.

Stanzas and chorus with solo and choir arrangements and the rhythmically dynamic bridge allow the text to shine in all its facets. This is a song that invites you to sing along and move. And it’s definitely catchy!

Ranging from meditative to danceable, the song was beautifully put together with photo impressions from the worldwide UEM community. It radiates joy throughout and illustrates our message for this Christmas as well as for the New Year 2021: We can celebrate because God is with us every day. The video is published here on YouTube.

The music notations will be available for download from soon. This song may freely be used by congregations and choirs for church festivals and other occasions.

Jörg Spitzer (Officer for Programs)


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