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30,000 euros emergency aid for victims of violence in DR Congo

Displaced people in Beni, eastern Congo. (Photo: CBCA)

More than half a million people are displaced in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, only. (Source: http:/

The Evangelical Church in the Rhineland, the Evangelical Church of Westphalia, the Evangelical Church of Kurhesse-Waldeck and all African member churches of the United Evangelical Mission (UEM) pledge emergency funds totaling 30,000 euros to support the Baptist Church in Central Africa (CBCA).

Since October 2020, there has been a new wave of violent attacks by armed groups on the civilian population in the city of Beni and the Rwenzori region (Democratic Republic of Congo). These are believed to be forces of the ADF-Nalu guerrilla organization massacring people, raping them, and looting their villages.

An attack on Beni-Kangwai Central Prison in the same month freed more than 1,000 prisoners, including criminals and suspected allies of armed groups. In December 2020, attacks by suspected ADF rebels in the Mutwanga region triggered the displacement of tens of thousands of families who fled their villages, mainly to the towns of Beni and Kasindi.

Local CBCA churches provide emergency aid

The Congolese UEM member church CBCA is asking for support in the form of intercessions and donations to provide immediate assistance to the internally displaced. Out of 1,300 households, the church district office in Beni has identified 300 families in urgent need of emergency assistance. This includes distributing food, protective clothing and necessary household items, as well as medical care, especially for women, children and people with disabilities, and breaking the chain of infection of Covid-19 and Ebola with the help of hygiene stations. Other relief efforts include family reunification of unaccompanied minors, psychosocial support for traumatized IDPs, and assistance in obtaining temporary identity documents to avoid confusion with rebels.

Lasting violence worsens the economic situation of church communities

With the displacement of the population from the violence-affected regions in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the economic situation of the CBCA congregations, most of which rely on collections, has also deteriorated. Around 90 percent of parishioners are victims of the violent attacks by armed groups that have continued for more than seven years, paralyzing all socioeconomic activities in the region.

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