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25 Years "United in Mission"

The latest edition of "Mission Spark", published by our Regional Office in Pematangsiantar (Indonesia)

Since 1996, UEM is a communion of churches and all members of UEM are “united in mission”. They express it through equality of all members structurally, through participation of all members in decision making and in all programs which are planned jointly, regionally and internationally. UEM turns 25 years in 2021 and it is time to make reflections, to conduct an evaluation, determine future steps to achieve the goals.

The important question should be raised is how the 25 years of UEM affects churches and societies. This special edition of Mission Sparks in your hand focuses on this question which is reflected through not only academic writings but also a summary of interviews, reflections on 25 years of UEM.

Interview conducted by Petrus Sugito covers the opinions and ideas of church leaders, youth, former UEM co-workers, united action coordinators, members of UEM governing organ in Asia on 25 years of UEM. In this edition is also presented an interview by Claudia Währisch-Oblau sharing ideas and opinions of the South African who becomes Pastor of the Protestant Church in the Rheinland. Reflection regarding future of the UEM on climate justice and the role of the churches presented by former UEM co-worker Longgena Ginting. Call for evaluation, self-criticism and future ideas on Partnership which are written by three Management Team Member, Andar Parlindungan-John Wesley Kabango-Dyah Ayu Krismawati—is a provoking paper to be discussed in Asia, Africa and Germany.

The last three articles in this edition concern on the topic of the struggle of the Javanese church (Kiai Sadrach Community) to become equal in the colonial era written by Suwarto Adi; the traditional and biblical values in marriage and family elaborated by Iky Sumarthina P.Prayitno and new paradigm of church leadership shared by John Ricky Purba. I hope all articles, interviews and reflections in this edition which are available in English and Indonesian language help readers to get to know UEM closely and may bring inspirations to celebrate 25 years of UEM in a more meaningful way.

Enjoy reading!

Rev. Dr. Dyah Ayu Krismawati (Executive Secretary of UEM Asia Department and Chief Editor)

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