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Prayer Alert!

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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

In this Holy Week and the days before Easter we are asking you to join us in prayer for a peaceful feast of the resurrection.

It did not start peacefully on Palm Sunday, when a suicide bomb attack at the cathedral in Makassar/Indonesia left at least 14 people injured. The two attackers could be prevented to enter the church building with their motorcycles thus the bombs exploded outside. Gomar Gultom, head of the Indonesian Council of Churches, said the attack on people celebrating Palm Sunday was "cruel". He urged people to stay calm and trust the authorities. Also Indonesia's President Joko Widodo condemned the attack as "act of terror".

Let u spray for the victims of the attack in Makassar and for peace among the people of different faith in Indonesia and all over the world.

The president of the Methodist Church in Sri Lanka, Rev W.P. Ebenezer Joseph shared in a statement that the MC-SL reiterates its commitment to journey along with the heart pangs of the innocent victims of violence, such as those of the victims of the Easter Bomb attack that took place April 2019. “We urge all our faithful, both clergy and lay, to continuously uphold the victims in our prayers, being rooted in the faith and hope that emanates from the sacrificial love of our Lord Jesus Christ, whose resurrection which brings victory over death and destruction, we celebrate every Sunday as we gather for worship and commit ourselves to be agents of peace and reconciliation.”

The EEC- Evangelical Church of Cameroon shared with us that the church elder and former EEC President continues to have talks with different community groups to prepare the national pastoral meeting and an extraordinary general synod.

Please pray for the conflicting parties to come to an agreement, unity and end the leadership crisis.

They also praise God that a consignment of medical equipment donated by the UEM to Garoua Health Center reached safely. The region is part of the northern Cameroon which has been directly and indirectly affected by the Boko Haram attacks. The medical equipment is for the Martin Luther Health Center (MLHC) that will lend a supporting hand to the neighbouring Manfred Selle Health Center (MSHC) which is still not operational. Both health centres will help many people in need in the region.

Mr Elie Leuwe, the EEC Project Officer writes: “Please pray that the equipment be used for the betterment of the poor and needy who are so many in the region. Besides, efficiency and effectiveness coupled with results should be the guiding principles of the use of this “God-sent” medical equipment”.

Our sisters and brothers in Indonesia are also asking us to pray for their upcoming synods in April.

The GKPI and the GBKP will hold their synods at the same dates from April 15-18.

Please pray for fruitful discussions, wise decisions and God’s guidance.

And let us all pray and thank to GOD for the wonderful Easter message: The Lord is risen. Indeed he is risen.

Rev. Volker Martin Dally

General Secretary of UEM

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