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Bishop Mushemba passed away

In front: Rev. Samson Mushemba together with Rev. Lutabingwa at the LCS Assembly in 1992 (Photo: Dr. Reinhard Veller/UEM)

It is with great sadness that we have heard of the death of Bishop Dr. Samson Mushemba.

Since the sixties the UEM has been closely connected with Samson Mushemba. So even before he became bishop of the NWD. As bishop of the diocese, but also in his long years as Presiding Bishop of the ELCT, he accompanied and promoted the work of the UEM. A connection that has lasted until his old age. He has repeatedly participated in UEM programs, in recent years especially on the subject of ageing.

We look back with gratitude on these decades of shared history. We now know that he is in the hands of the one who called him into his service. Bishop Dr. Samson Mushemba will now celebrate Easter this year together with his Lord Jesus Christ.

We wish the diocese, but especially his family, this consoling certainty that has led him through an eventful life.

For the family of the UEM

Rev. Volker Martin Dally (UEM General Secretary)


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