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Corona Pandemic

Pastors keep in touch with people despite all the difficulties. They give comfort and confidence. Photo: CBCA / UEM

Thanks to the Corona emergency aid fund, this hand washing device could be installed. Photo: ELCB / UEM

This young woman receives food. Photo: MC-SL / UEM

Health workers are trained. Photo CBCA / UEM

Online service: The message comes via laptop. Photo: Simorangkir Ramanyanti / UEM

The coronavirus has a firm grip on the world. The situation in many member countries of the United Evangelical Mission is frightening. "What can we do?" This question has also been asked by the United Evangelical Mission since the spread of the coronavirus has become so dramatically worse. As a community of solidarity between churches in African and Asian countries and Germany, the UEM would like to improve the living conditions of the local people and help relieve some of their worries.

With money from the "United against Covid-19" fund, the UEM supports the measures of its member churches against the spread of the virus and promotes projects that ensure the basic supply of people. In partner countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa and Tanzania, the UEM has adapted its work to the new situation. Depending on individual needs, activities from four areas are supported: Prevention measures, support for the most vulnerable, support for health facilities of the member churchesas well as preaching and pastoral care. Radio and TV spots, for example, are intended to educate the population about the corona virus. Disadvantaged families are to be provided with food, people in the health sector are to be trained and victims of domestic violence as well as acutely stressed health care personnel are to receive pastoral care.

A four-member task force (corona[at] set up by the UEM Management Team has been coordinating the allocation of project funds since the beginning of April:

Facts and figures on the measures taken by the UEM member churches:

Prevention measures (250,100 Euro)

- Information campaigns to raise public awareness, including radio and TV spots

- Training on recommended measures such as hand washing

- Support for the authorities in educating the population

- Adaptation of health and hygiene measures in facilities of the member churches

- Equipment of certain facilities with hand washing stations

- Production and distribution of face masks

Support for the most vulnerable (581,930 euros)

- Distribution of food to families without income

- Distribution of soap, disinfectants and hygiene products

- Access to water

- Distribution of food to people in quarantine

- Psychological support

Support for health facilities of the member churches (149,400 euros)

- Training of health workers and volunteers

- Distribution of protective equipment and treatment equipment (e.g. thermometers)

- Support of rapid diagnostic tests at the treatment site

- Acquisition of clinical hygiene products, additional drugs and instruments


Preaching and pastoral care (22,250 Euro)

- Pastoral care

- Digital forms of worship are being established




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