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Covid-19: "Together we will win!"

Pasteur Jean Denis Bokombe, head of the CADELU church in West Congo. (Photo: M.Pauly/UEM)

A special project application was received by the Wuppertal Mission House from the CADELU Church in Western Congo. The special thing about the application: The applicant, Pasteur Jean Denis Bokombe, head of the CADELU church, did not apply for a service, but handed over a song in English and French version to the UEM with the title: "Together we will win - song for the response to the Coronavirus. The song was composed by Raffin Imboko Beondo, the beneficiaries are all UEM member churches, the production costs of 400,- US-Dollar were paid by the CADELU-Church.

A song from the West Congo with pictures from the whole UEM

When the Corona Task Force of the UEM heard the song by Raffin Imboko Beondo, it was so enthusiastic that it asked the Public Relations Department to make the song available to all member churches, as requested by the CADELU Church. "The melody was very catchy at first sight, spontaneously all the many pictures that our members from Africa, Asia and Germany sent us about their work in times of Corona came to my mind while listening to it," said Martina Pauly, head of the Communication & Media team of UEM. The result is a two-minute photo show with the CADELU song as an audio track, which can be viewed and shared on VEM's Youtube, Facebook and Instagram channels.

Text excerpt from the "project proposal" by Pasteur Jean Denis Bokombe, head of the CADELU church:

In his "project application", Pasteur Bokombe explains the motives for the composition of the Corona song as follows:

"Today we are confronted with a virus that is spreading across countries and continents and that is invading our homes and hearts. This virus has caused devastation and suffering all over the world, depriving us of contact with the people we love, the joy of simple moments of being together and the sight of the places we love to visit.

Since the beginning of the challenge, the UEM has financially supported our churches to find a global response to the corona virus and work hand in hand to help the world recover from the crisis. A famous saying by Sophia Sherine Hutt says music is to the soul what summer is to the flower. In other words, music has the power to heal, restore joy, put smiles on faces, change habits and much more.

In this situation, the CADELU Church, through one of its sons, came up with the idea of composing a song to be made available to the UEM and sung all over the world to remind those who have lost hope, those who have given up and those who neglect the rules of distance, that we can overcome this pandemic through prevention - especially by respecting the rules of distance. This beautiful melody is intended to support the UEM communion and is a contribution of CADELU with regard to the vision of UEM.

Music with a message

United in Christ, united in mission and united against the coronavirus. Together we will win! That's the message of the song. With new communication technologies, music plays an even greater role in our lives.


We believe that with this song we can support the actions of UEM against the corona virus, because music is a means to convey important messages and ideals. We do this in the hope that the music will actually be heard and cause behavioral changes in each individual to protect themselves against the corona virus. Through the two language versions (English and French), the song should reach not only a small circle but the whole world.

Specific objectives

The aim is to further raise awareness of protection against Covid-19, while emphasising the rules of distance through music, the use of digital technologies and through social networks, in order to reach as many people as possible and make them aware of the importance of protecting themselves and supporting weak or sick people in a spirit of solidarity.

Planned dissemination

Publish the song on the different websites (e.g. the UEM, CADELU, ECC) and share it on WhatsApp, Facebook and so on. Sing the song in the church, with the choir and music groups. If possible, produce video clips for YouTube or play the song on radio and television."

The photo show, which the UEM in Wuppertal produced with the help of the song by Raffin Imboko Beondo, can be watched here on Youtube.

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