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Women on the Way

Community. Chances. Justice

Women make an important contribution to a just community in all regions of the UEM member churches. Young mothers who have been able to go to school will enable their children to receive a school education. Participants in the VEM scholarship program support young women and girls after their education. Workshops and seminars offer women the opportunity to learn, share and network together.

" We are on the way to a just community of women and men. Your support makes an important contribution!”

My name is Mathilde Igiraneza, I am 22 years old and I live in Rwanda. I have one child and I am not married. This is not accepted in our society - single mothers are discriminated against and marginalized. After my son was born, my family disowned me and some friends abandoned me. Somehow I managed to take care of my child and not lost  hope.In the church, I was supported. We meet here, share our experiences and help each other. Regularly 20 young mothers and their children come. Many of them have no income. Therefore, during our meetings we weave baskets that we later sell. A church worker convinced my family to take me back. Today, I am part of the group leadership and pass on my experience and confidence to other mothers."

Sarah Uwayezu is an entrepreneur from Rwanda. With her team, she produces energy-saving ceramic stoves. In Rwanda, people traditionally use wood for cooking, which is becoming increasingly scarce. The new cooking stoves consume 45 percent less fuel. Installation at the families' homes is carried out by a church-based environmental organization with local technicians. This sustainable environmental project was presented at the UN Climate Change Conference 2021 in Glasgow.

Three examples, from women in the UEM, who have set out on the journey

Kavira Nganza completed a master's degree in psychology. She was supported by a scholarship from the international scholarship program of the VEM. She works as a psychotherapist in a church counseling center in eastern Congo. People in this region constantly live with crises such as civil war, epidemics or natural disasters. Often young women come to her with problems within the family or at work. Kavira Nganza is part of a team that provides professional support to traumatized people. In the therapies, those affected learn to process what they have experienced and find new courage.



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