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  • United Action

    Be a blessing and raise funds that help address the needs of those who are UEM.

All members are givers and receivers

This means we have an opportunity to be a blessing in the same way that we are blessed. We do this because we know that others require our support through encouragement, through kindness but also through finances. This is why we give to united Action.

In the past, in Africa and Asia were well supported by German donors but this is fast beginning to change, we see less financial donation coming from Germany but still see a need for financial support from UEM member churches.

Basic Idea

The basic idea of "United Action" is to develop consecutive campaigns with a clear thematic focus for fundraising in Africa and Asia. Money raised through this campaign will support projects and programs related to the focus. The current theme of the campaign is: “Children in Need.”

Projects and programs

Each campaign will run for 2 to 3 years with a clearly defined thematic focus. Money raised through this campaign will support projects and programs related to the focus through the UEM budget. The fundraising activities are not competitive to the fundraising activities of the churches, it is meant to take place in addition.
Certain programs and projects which will be supported by these funds will carry the label “United Action”. Financial reports will show how the funds raised by each campaign have been used for the thematic focus.

UEM Ambassadors

An important means to raise funds for the “United Action” campaign is to identify, win, motivate, train and support “UEM Ambassadors” in Africa and Asia. These ambassadors are committed people, who are able to contribute funds themselves while motivating others to so within their personal and professional networks.

We have the responsibility

We are all UEM. UEM is me and UEM is you. We are UEM. Therefore we have the joint responsibility and accountability to raise funds that help address the needs of those who are UEM.

Every member church in Asia has a financial target to reach. That means, if your church is part of the UEM family, you can help your church reach its target. Every little bit counts. Your donation will be help your church and in doing so you may be helping a child in need from another member church and you may even helping a project from your church.

Every church has an assigned United Action Coordinator which drives the UEM awareness and United Action related Activities. United Action Coordinators are also supported by UEM.

As the UEM family we now have a chance to change the narrative: we can give as much as we receive. And we can absolutely be a blessing to others by donating to United Action.

Your Donation Helps!

Please transfer your donation to:

UEM Asia: Bank BNI - account# 0128002447 - Swift code: BNINIDJAMDN

UEM Africa: CRDB BANK PLC - branch: 3319 - account# 1950299692300 - Swift code: CORUTZTZ

You have the right to revoke your donation declaration in writing within 14 days without giving reasons. Amounts already debited will be refunded in this case. If you have given us a regular direct debit authorisation, you can of course revoke it at any time without giving reasons.


Terri-Lynn Smith
Project Officer
Jl. Pdt. J. Wismar Saragih, Bane, Kec. Siantar Utara, Kota Pematangsiantar, 21142 North Sumatra, Indonesia
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