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  • Equal in Mission

    Gender equality and the improvement of women's chances and living conditions are one of our main concerns. Therefore, together with our member churches, we support projects for women.

UEM's interregional women's program

In UEM we make sure that an appropriate participation of women is ensured in all areas. In some special programs, women can meet and exchange ideas across continental borders and develop new ideas together.

Encounter is "empowering"

Women from different churches, countries and cultures are given the opportunity to meet in the everyday life of the respective host country. Beyond national and cultural borders, a community of women in solidarity should grow. The target group are multipliers from various bodies (women's groups, partnership groups, project groups etc.) who are willing to actively contribute their own experiences and resources.

Role of women in mission work: past, present and future

Based on the idea and the initiative of the project group 'Women in Mission', founded in 1991, the mission history is to be processed and documented from the perspective of women. The results of this research will be published and made available to our / the member churches. Some of the documentations already published are:

  • Sisters from two Worlds - A book about the influence of women in Namibia
  • "Remember - Tell - Experience" - a book about the influence of women in Batakland
  • Menabur Kasih Menuai Berkat: Indonesian version of remembering - telling stories - experiencing
  • Faith, life, hope: Hope stories from the mission

Further training for women in management positions

Education is the keyword for creating justice in the world. To this end, leadership training courses for women are offered by UEM every year.
26 leaders from UEM member churches in Asia, Africa and Germany took part in the "Leadership Training" on the topic of gender justice in September 2019. The Leadership Training is one of the activities within the framework of the "Gender Policy" of UEM, which was adopted by the General Assembly in 2012. During the joint learning in the Indonesian Yogyakarta, all church leaders agreed to work for more gender justice and against discrimination and gender-based violence in their respective churches. This includes the promotion of women in leadership positions in church and society. Each participating church was asked to send both a man and a woman from its church leadership to this training in order to facilitate a balanced discussion.



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