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  • International Study Courses

    Our international and interdisciplinary study courses enable our students to exercise leadership functions in diaconia and its institutions economically, ethically and competently.

International Master's Degree in Diaconic Management (MA)

Since 2011, the UEM has been offering the master's programme together with the Institute for Diaconal Science and Diaconal Management at Bielefeld University and international cooperation partners. Accredited with 120 CP, the English-language programme imparts professional competence for teaching and management tasks in the diaconal field of work. The interdisciplinary structure of theology and economics, the close connection of practice and theory in changing intercultural contexts enables academically demanding as well as practice-oriented competencies: Management, business administration, personnel management and business ethics, as well as the theological foundations of diaconia and diaconia history are taught in five modules. The modules take place at the universities of the cooperation partners in Germany, Indonesia, South Africa, Tanzania and the Philippines - both in presence as well as online.

Course VI 2023-2025 – Call for Applications open

The following study blocks are planned:

Section 1 – Institute for Diaconic Management (IDWM), University of Bielefeld, Germany: September/October 2023

Section 2 – DIGITAL: January/February 2024

Section 3 – Tumaini College Dar es Salaam (TUDARCO), Tanzania: May/June 2024

Section 4 – DIGITAL: September/October 2024

Section 5 – Jakarta Theological Seminary, Indonesia: January/February 2025

Section 6 – Institute for Diaconic Science and Diaconic Management (IDWM), University of Bielefeld, Germany: August/September 2025
With graduation

Application documents for the Course VI can be downloaded from the right-hand column.


Institut für Diakoniewissenschaft und DiakonieManagemnt (IDM),

STT Jakarta (Indonesien)

Silliman University (Philippinen)

Theological University of Stellenbosch (Südafrika)

TUDARCo (Tansania)

International Degree Course in Diakonia and Social Work (BA) in Development

The course is developed jointly and participatively by experts and universities in Africa, Asia and Europe. An accreditation of the programme on all three continents is aimed for.  Curricula, modules, structures and concepts of bleded e-learning are developed in cooperation with universities in Africa, Asia and Europe through international conferences, study trips and international symposia. The BA Diakonia programme will offer a strong combination of practice and theory as well as a high internationality of students, study locations, lecturers and content.


EvH Bochum (Germany)

FHDD Bielefeld (Germany)

TUDARCo (Tanzania)

PUR Huya (Rwanda)

Sekolah Deaconess Balige (Indonesia)


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