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  • Summer School of UEM

    Our very special educational offer on specialist topics for different target groups.

Our Summer Academies in 2017 and 2019 were dedicated to the themes of peace, conflict transformation and the protection of human rights. The training with participants from Asia, Africa, South America and Germany was conducted by the German Region and the Department of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation.

In our training courses, we place particular emphasis on linking peace, mediation and the protection of human rights. The training provided the participants with instruments for actively participating in the prevention and resolution of conflicts and for protecting the victims of human rights violations. The training courses are constantly being further developed in order to network theoretical and practical knowledge as well as resources on peace, conflicts and human rights within UEM.

In summer 2018 we organized a Summer School on the topic "International Adult Education in the Church" at the Evangelical Conference Centre on the Heiligen Berg in Wuppertal. 17 participants from Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Germany and the DR Congo learned the theoretical basics and practical design of church education in an international context.

Impulses from speakers with different cultural backgrounds gave practical examples on the following topics: the image of man and learning traditions in different cultures, life worlds and learning theories for adults, didactic and methodical approaches to adult education, networked learning as well as lifelong, intercultural and transcultural learning.

Our member churches, ecumenical partner organisations and mission agencies are always invited to send their own representatives to participate in the Summer School.


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