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  • Against Discrimination & Exclusion

    Human Rights Campaign 2021 "Who are you to judge your neighbour?"

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  • Covid-19: "Together we will win!"

    A song from the Cadelu Church from the West Congo for enlightenment and moral support in the fight against Corona.

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  • "We shall overcome"

    A transcultural digital choir project against racism.

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  • We stand together

    Let's fight together against Corona and its implications in Africa and Asia.

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  • UEM Partnership Prize 2021

    Next year, we will again award attractive prizes to the best partnership projects in Africa, Asia and Germany. Apply now!

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  • 19.01.2021

    In 2021: Learning with Africa, Asia and Europe

    UEM offers more than 100 educational seminars


  • 18.01.2021

    Talking about racism and white privilege in the church

    Conference documentation published


  • 15.01.2021

    General Rhenish Synod 2021

    Leadership elections, human rights and UEM anniversary


  • 13.01.2021

    The best investment in the future

    Reflections after a UEM scholarship


  • 07.01.2021

    Mime Art for Life

    A pantomimic encouragement project between Namibia, South Africa and Germany


  • 04.01.2021

    "Be merciful, as your Father is merciful!

    Interpretation of the Annual Biblical Motto of 2021 by Rev. Dally


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Binti Mamas: teenager pregnancy

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Mission today

Online Mission Lectures

"Get behind me, Satan!" How can Christians and churches respond to this beliefs spiritually and scientifically? An intercultural online conversation about how African, Asian and German churches deal with delivery ministries.

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Who are you to judge your neighbour?

Our Human Rights Action 2021 stands up against discrimination and exclusion. Where do we contribute to discrimination in our churches, in our private environment, in our society?

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Equal before God!

UEM board takes a stand against discrimination and racism. Late justice for Pastor Bokombe - he is sitting on a bench with racist inscriptions from the apartheid era in South Africa.

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22 January 2021, 7 pm (CET)

Global Talks: Invitation to Premiere

The first Global Talk of UEM and Protestant University Wuppertal/Bethel, with Prof. Reggie Nel from South Africa. And with a hot topic: Mission theology from a Black perspective. Warm welcome!

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26 January 2021, 9 - 12.30 hrs


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February 5 - 6, 2021

Country Seminar

Online seminar on Indonesia dealing with the issue "social media and Corona".

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February 26 - 27, 2021

Country Seminar

Online seminar on Rwanda dealing with the issue "Covid-19 and its consequences on Rwanda and the churches".

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5 - 6 March 2021 (online)

Country seminar

Online seminar on Tanzania on "new political developments".

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Database on Funding Organizations

We help your project grow


We help your project grow

You have a good project and still look for the right funding? With just a few clicks, our members can find all information and links to funding organizations and programs worldwide.

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Projects in partnership work

This extensive database is no substitute for an intensive examination of the respective funding organizations and programs. For a successful application procedure in the partnership work, the UEM project manual can also be helpful.

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Mission Sparks & Mission Echo from our Regional Offices

New edition of "Mission Echo" now available

Download the current issue of our magazine free of charge and read reports and features from the UEM community with a focus on the countries of the UEM member churches, church partnership work and ecumenism.


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Picture of the week

"Live my Life" - an award-winning musical by young people from Botswana, Namibia & Germany

The partnership project: By exchanging their smartphones, the young adults virtually swapped identities. (Photo: Marion Unger/UEM)


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