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  • Overcoming poverty

    Everyone should have enough to live in comfort – we will never give up this dream. We work towards economic justice and support innovative pilot projects.

UEM's efforts for economic justice

Globalisation has allowed the people of the world to come closer together. In many countries, however, it has also brought increased injustice and exploitation. That’s why we work together with our member churches towards economic justice.

Just working conditions

We join national and international initiatives and campaigns for causes such as debt cancellation for the poorest countries, fair rules in world trade, and binding human rights and environmental standards for multinational corporations. We are also committed to improving working conditions for women in the textile industry and to ending the illegal exploitation of natural resources in crisis areas.

Support unusual ideas

Sometimes unusual ideas are just what are needed to combat poverty – that’s why we also support pilot projects in our member churches. Microcredit programmes also have brought success These examples give us the courage to continue to take extraordinary steps to promote global economic justice.


Photo: A. Jäger/UEM
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Administrative Assistant
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