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  • We stand together!

    Let's fight together against the Corona virus.

1 Million Euros for Corona Aid Package

We are providing a relief fund of 1 million euros to support our members in Africa, Asia and Germany in their fight against the COVID-19 virus.

"To finance this enormous amount, we are releasing reserves that we can use for such disasters. Millions of people in Africa and Asia are currently without basic daily supplies because they are out of work due to the curfews," said Volker Martin Dally, Secretary General of UEM.

We rely on the solidarity of our community and therefore call on churches, church districts, congregations and partnerships to contribute financially to the emergency aid basket in order to put together an effective aid package to contain the virus. Donations from companies and individuals are also welcome.

Extensive catalogue of measures decided

The appropriations will be used for the following actions:

  • Support for the poor and most vulnerable through the distribution of food, hygiene products and access to clean water
  • Information campaigns to raise awareness among the population, including radio and TV spots
  • Training and equipping churches to conduct online worship services
  • Support of medical facilities of the church
  • Carrying out diagnostic tests in treatment centres to stem the further spread of coronavirus
  • Support for the purchase and production of medical hygiene products such as masks, disinfectants and soaps.

Through our network, information about the current situation in the local communities is disseminated promptly. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, prayer requests have been exchanged daily via the social media.


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