From copperplates to photographs

From drawings and copperplates to glass negatives and positives, and photographs as well: our Pictorial Archives comprise some 40,000 images from the beginnings of the Rhenish Mission and the Bethel Mission up to about 1960.



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The Historical Pictorial Archives

The collection offers comprehensive source material on the history of the former mission areas of the Rhenish and Bethel Mission, as well as how the peoples of these areas lived and the history of photography. The images document the history from the perspective of the mission and complement corresponding historical source material that may have different origins in other fields of research.

Africa, Indonesia and China

The collection features images from those regions in southern and eastern Africa, Indonesia and China where the missionaries from the missions named here were stationed.  

Some of the images are available in digital format. In order to ensure that the holdings can be worked with in a more modern form now and in the future, we are currently digitizing the entire collection. Planning for another way to access the images is also in the works, in the form of a representative selection of images that can be retrieved from this page.

A list of the prices for use of images is available from us upon request.  

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