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It is important to us that we offer a diverse range of educational opportunities for all age groups, above all for children and young people.


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The Educational work of UEM's Archives and Museum Foundation

The Ethnological Museum and the historical Archives may be used intensively by school classes and kindergartens to implement creative learning and show children that a museum or an archive is an exciting place that can even be fun.

Opportunities for family centres

Visiting a museum or an archive can be a strange experience for many families, but it can offer them much. We have created an opportunity for children's day care centres to experience an archive and the Ethnological Museum. The children get to explore different cultures and broaden their horizons. The educational content is wrapped up in an exciting programme and establishes that a museum or an archive is not a dry or dusty place, but a pleasant one that is fondly remembered and, in the best case, one to which another visit is fondly anticipated. We always implement the theory with creativity: the children make a craft project that they can take home as a souvenir.

Work with secondary schools

We also offer secondary schools an opportunity to collaborate on various subject areas linked to the lesson plan. These are generally high schools in Wuppertal and surrounding cities, primarily those with upper-school courses in history that want to create a teaching unit in the museum or the archives on the subject of German imperialism and colonialism.

Cross-generational learning in educational work

The "Kleene Dörper" day care centre is bringing together children and pensioners from a care home nearby through the "Kleene Dörper – Preschool children and seniors" programme Events like a visit to our Ethnological Museum offer special opportunities where the elderly and the very young can get to know each other.

Work with candidates for confirmation

We continue to offer the special service of work with candidates for confirmation from the congregations in Wuppertal and surrounding areas. Making use of current exhibits, along with hands-on teaching materials and artefacts, candidates work on various subjects such as "Life in the Rainforest" – environment and climate; "German Colonies in Africa" – colonialism; and "Life at a Mission Station in West Papua" – life in a foreign culture.

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