Mission inside and out

A multitude of exhibitions in Wuppertal and throughout Germany lets us offer a glimpse into the history of the mission, present the work of the missionaries, and illuminate interesting topics in cultural history.


The exhibits of UEM's Archives and Museum Foundation

In the process of designing our exhibitions we look frankly and critically at our own history, while also showing the positive development and current state of the facilities and churches that have originated from it.

You are welcome to contact us if you would like to know more about individual exhibitions.

Current exhibitions

  • Go Ye Into All the World (permanent exhibition at the Ethnological Museum)
  • Namibia – A New View of the Past (exhibition in the Ethnological Museum)
  • In the Shadow of their Ancestors – World Views and Religions of Indonesian Peoples (exhibition at the Ethnological Museum)
  • China – the Middle Kingdom (exhibition at the Ethnological Museum)
  • Mask and Myth (exhibition at the Ethnological Museum)
  • Photo exhibition on the history of the Bethel Mission (permanent exhibition at the Centre for Mission and Diaconia/ Bethel Mission house)
  • Traditional Architecture in Indonesia (temporary exhibition at the architecture firm of Roemen Sobotta in Barmen, Wuppertal, opened 16.11.2009)

Travelling exhibitions (circulating banner exhibitions)

  • Hear my voice - 50 Years of GKI-TP and UEM Collaboration (2010, begun as a special exhibition at the Ethnological Museum in 2010)
  • Mission in flux – Mission in pictures (2007, as special exhibition at the Ethnological Museum in 2009)
  • Remember Namibia (2004)

Exhibitions in the past

  • Tanzania – Diversity Without Borders (until 31.07.2010 at the Ethnological Museum)
  • The Mission Abroad - Special exhibition at the Ethnological Museum as part of the Wuppertal joint exhibition project "Virtue and Happiness - The Private World of the Bourgeoisie, 1815-1850" in collaboration with various cultural institutions (September 2009 to January 2010).
  • Festival of Masks - Works by Year Ten Students at the Barmen-Rott Secondary School (2009)
  • Presentation of the Ethnological Museum - Exhibition at Deutsche Bank in Elberfeld, Wuppertal (2009)
  • Musical Mission – Documents from the Work of the Rhenish Mission and the Bethel Mission (exhibition in the Ecumenical Workshop coinciding with the annual meeting of the German Society for Mission Studies, 2008)
  • Ten Years of the UEM Archives and Museum Foundation (exhibition in the mission house, 2008)

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