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The core area of our work at the Archives and Museum Foundation of the UEM is the support of research into missionary and religious history, interculturality, and ethnology.


Research Work of UEM's Archives and Museum Foundation

We work with many research facilities, some outside of the religious field.

Women of the Mission

A working group founded in 1993 on the subject of "Women of the Mission" has since then been intensively researching not only the various aspects of the historical roles and work of the mission sisters and missionary wives, but also the present role of Christian women in the churches and societies of the former mission areas. One result of the research up to now is the publication of Sisters from Two Worlds, which deals with the both life and work of the sisters and missionary wives who were sent to Namibia, and the women of the ELCRN, the church in Namibia that resulted from the mission.

The working group is currently researching source materials on the life and work of women of the mission and the church in Sumatra as part of a follow-up project. The idea is to publish another book in the Indonesian and German languages as a result of the work.

Publications of the Archives and Museum Foundation of the UEM

Eleven volumes have so far been published by publisher Rüdiger Köppe in the two publication series of the UEM Archives and Museum Foundation, "InterCultura" and "Mission und Gegenwart" (Mission Then and Now). These include a book by Klaus Gockel that gives insight into the relationship between mission and apartheid, and a work by G.C.K. Gwassa. Gwassa's work deals with the outbreak and evolution of the Maji Maji rebellion against German colonial rule in Tanzania from 1905 to 1907. Because of high demand for a copy of what was until then only available as a typewritten dissertation, Gwassa's manuscript was published in 2005.

Research and study prizes

In addition to its own research projects, the Archives and Museum Foundation of the UEM also places great importance on promoting research, especially from younger researchers. Toward this end it has awarded a study and research prize since 2003 for outstanding works in relevant fields in which the holdings of the foundation have often figured prominently.

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