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3rd June 2018: Celebration of UEM Sunday in the Africa Region

Participants of the UEM Sunday Service (photo: UEM/Africa).

There is a plan for UEM member churches in Africa Region to celebrate the UEM week, starting on the 3rd of June 2018. It is aimed to implement the UEM goals and activities by African Churches to promote ownership and sensitizing churches on resource mobilization. Each church is expected to send two delegates, youth and women as recommended by the 2017 Africa Regional Assembly.

The UEM vice Moderator, Bishop Dr Abednego Keshomshahara is launching the 2018 UEM week by visiting the Presbyterian and the Anglican Churches in Rwanda.

Received by the vice President of the Presbyterian Church, Rev Julie Kandema, the UEM vice Moderator started by visiting the Church “Light Group” in Remera- Rukoma parish.  It is made of some survivors and perpetrators of the 1994 genocide. In a reconciliation process, the two groups accepted to come together guided by a Christian way of forgiveness. It is a powerful testimony teaching people who visit the group.

The UEM Co-worker Mr.  Richard Madete at the Anglican Church, RDIS- Rural Development Interdiocesan Service- shared about the visit of the UEM vice Moderator in EAR Shyogwe Diocese who was received by Bishop Dr Jered Kalimba, also UEM Council member.

Mr. Madete writes: We were glad to have such a high ranking visit, so we utilised this opportunity to briefly introduce our UEM initiated/supported projects:

  • The CCER project - a Carbon trade business for distributing improved cook stoves for poverty reduction and environmental protection.
  • Waste management project for environmental protection (awareness creation, distribution of our special waste bins for waste separation for composting and recycling purposes).
  • Distribution of Solar Home Systems in off-grid areas as a pilot project for investing in Renewable Energy for uplifting life standard and environmental protection.

All three projects share common goals of environment protection and becoming self-sustaining projects in the four dioceses (Butare, Cyangugu, Kigeme and Shyogwe) of the Anglican Church in Rwanda.

During the UEM week, the Regional Office in Dar es Salaam is supporting all church delegates in the important exchange program.

Rev. Dr John Wesley Kabango (head of the UEM region Africa)

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