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BREAKING NEWS: more than 100 people killed after tropical storm in Mindanao

Example photo showing floodings in the Philippines (Photo: UEM)

The latest storm that hit Mindanao in the Philippines has been devastating as per report in the news. Tubod own in Lanao del Norte is also badly hit by flashflood that reportedly killed around 100 people and over 100 persons that are still missing or unaccounted for. The community of over 150 families are washed out by the flood and covered with boulders. This Tubod town is a neighboring municipality of Marawi (the city attacked recently by MAUTE-ISIS terrotists). 

So far, one of our Schools in Northern Mindanao (the Pilgrim Christian College, a recipient of UEM on Solar Energy in 2015 and the venue of the UCCP quadrennial general assembly in May 2018) serves as an Evacuation Center for displaced families due to flooding in a number of barangays in Cagayan de Oro City.

The UCCP Synod Office is still awaiting for specific updates from the affected member-families and local churches in Mindanao. Hopefully in the next two or three days we will get the update from the affected Conferences and church schools.

Rannieh Mercado (UCCP)

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