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Elderly People Have a Future!

Mrs. Priscilla Quezon, UEM South-North co-worker from the Philippines, organizes the UEM action for elderly people in Germany (photo: UEM).

UEM calls for a flash mob to dance in the streets on October 4. In Germany senior people are invited to dance at the Altstädter Nicolaikirche in the city of Bielefeld and in almost ten further big cities on the occasion of the international day of elderly people on October 1. Especially people at the age of above 60 in all over the world are invited to take part in the action at the same time.

By the means of a flash mob the elderly people not only show their "joie de vivre" and energy but they also point out to the conditions of life and needs of elderly people worldwide. UEM supports the international movement for the benefit of elderly people in terms of its advocacy commitment.  

Besides, UEM organizes a special penfriedship in cooperation with the German diaconial organisation "Offene Altenarbeit der Inneren Mission-Diakonisches Werk Bochum e.V.": elderly people from Africa, Asia and Germany are invited to write encouraging letters to other fellow elderly people within the UEM community of churches. Mrs. Priscilla Quezon, UEM South-North co-worker from the Philippines who works at the UEM training centre in Bielefeld-Bethel (Germany) is collecting all letters. Write to priscilla-p[at]




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