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Energy efficient cook stoves in Ruanda

The RDIS clay stoves in use on site. (photo: Klimakollekte)

A new project film about the climate protection project "Energy-efficient cookers in Rwanda" shows the ecological and economic benefits of energy-efficient clay stoves.

The project video, produced with the financial support of Klima-Kollekte gGmbH and UEM by the Rural Development and Interdiocesan Service (RDIS), shows the construction and use of these energy-efficient stoves as part of the joint climate protection project. The cooking zones are made of clay and replace traditional, open fireplaces. 6,000 cooking places will be distributed to families in rural areas. Each family will receive two new cook stoves. Thanks to their efficiency, the stoves save around 1.6 tonnes of CO2 t per stove each year, as considerably less wood has to be burned to heat the previous stove.  This counteracts deforestation: with the energy-efficient cooking zones, families consume around 45 percent less firewood or charcoal - compared with the fire zones previously used. This also shortens the time required to find wood and the higher efficiency saves up to 23.5 percent time for each cooking process.

This not only makes it possible to prepare daily meals in a climate-friendly way, but also to reduce the amount of smoke and soot in the cooking process and to reduce the burden on the health of the cooking women and children in the vicinity of the fireplaces. The project video highlights these positive aspects and lets the villagers, the managing director of the implementing organization RDIS, Mr. Ntarindwa, the bishop of the diocese Butare, pastor Nathan Gasatura, and the general director of the Rwandan environmental authority (REMA), Mrs. Ruhamya, have their say.

RDIS advocates the promotion of sustainable development in four dioceses of the Anglican Church of Rwanda (EAR) and mobilizes local parishioners to develop their communities sustainably and free themselves from poverty.  

The video is currently available on the homepage of our website in German and English as well as on the YouTube channel of the UEM "United Evangelical Mission".

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