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Evangelical Church of Cameroon Supports Youth Entrepreneurship

Participants looked at emerging digital strategies for the design and delivery of products and services in the entrepreneurial domain. (Photo: UEM Africa)

With the UEM financial support both Youth and Development Departments of the Evangelical Church of Cameroon (EEC) have launched a program called Junior Evangelical Entrepreneurship Challenge (Junior EEC) in order to promote youth entrepreneurship.

In this regard a pilot workshop was organized on April 2019 at EEC headquarters. Some 26 young boys and girls from the three Wouri synod regions (Wouri Center, Wouri North and Wouri South) attended the session which was facilitated by a young and dynamic expert, Mr. Aymard Mbamba. UEM Co-worker in the Africa Department, Mr. Uli Baege had a short meeting with the youth and passed on to them words of greetings.

Participants looked at emerging digital strategies for the design and delivery of products and services in the entrepreneurial domain. They were asked to create a product around which they will then establish a digital presence, digital market campaign and investment forum. The session aimed at raising participants’ awareness on opportunities for entrepreneurship in the digital domain. After intensive group work on possible project ideas, participants expressed satisfaction for what they had learnt.

Digital entrepreneurship is a term that describes how entrepreneurship will change, as business and society continue to be transformed by digital technology. Digital entrepreneurship highlights changes in entrepreneurial practice, theory, and education.

On a practical level, digital entrepreneurship opens up new possibilities for anyone thinking of becoming an entrepreneur. Some opportunities are more technical but many others are within reach for anyone who learns the basic skills of digital entrepreneurship. These basic skills include finding new customers online, prototyping new business ideas, and improving business ideas based on data.

The session will be followed by a two-day session with a focus on how to write a business plan and launch an income-generating activity. It is expected that after the second session, participants of the three regions will select a regional project and work together on it.

Douala, July 2019

Report is compiled by Mr. Elie Leuwe (Head of the Development and Projects Department, Evangelical Church of Cameroon, EEC) and Rev Dr John Wesley Kabango (Executive Secretary UEM Africa Department)

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