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Female Pastors' Workshop

Participants of the female pastors' workshop in Dar-es-Salaam (photo: UEM).

From 27th to 31st August 2017, UEM Africa Region conducted its Joint Program entitled “Female Pastor’s Workshop” in Dar es Salaam. Seventeen female pastors from UEM member churches including: CBCA, CDCC, CADELU, EAR, EPR, ECD, NWD, KAD, NED, ELCB, RCSA. 

The aim of this meeting was to bring female pastors together so that they may share their experiences of successful stories and challenges faced in their pastoral ministry. Through this sharing, it was realized that women pastors’ leaderships are questioned and not accepted easily in their communities due to gender biases and cultural influences which question women power. On the other hand, women pastors are only accepted due to their performances.

The following topics were discussed. Women and the church: Challenging gender prejudice amongst female pastors, Gender Equality: A question of culture and Gender based Violence. The facilitators emphasized that gender is a social construction which has to do with social-relationship of women and men and how they relate to each other. It was mentioned that gender construction creates problem because it does not distribute power equally between men and women. Therefore, gender construction should be deconstruct in order to build just societies.

In conclusion, participants recommended the following:

  1. To encourage workshops/seminars for women in order to empower women’s groups and working collaboratively with them.
  2. To promote learning experiences and exchange program of female pastors between CBCA and other UEM member churches who have already ordained women.
  3. To introduce gender courses/programs in the theological institutions of UEM member churches and provide trainings of pastors who are already in the ministry.
  4. To inform women department leaders of the UEM member churches about the activities and plans related to women done in the UEM.
  5. To do a follow up of the implementation of the recommendations suggested during the workshops and seminars organised by the UEM in Africa Region.
  6. To translate UEM Gender Policy into the local languages and transmit it to all UEM member churches so that it can be known by many women pastors and other church members.
  7. UEM is thanked for its contribution and many works done towards female pastors. However, during this workshop, it was observed that the number of women pastors is decreasing in some UEM member churches. Therefore, pastors and church leaders are called to encourage women in their respective churches to study Theology.
  8. UEM member churches should read signs of the time in addressing issues and concerns related to women.

Presented by Rev. Dr Nagaju Muke the Deputy Executive of UEM Africa Region

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