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Learning from Dr. Mukwege

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr. Mukwege (left) with Dr. Bosolo (Photo: Bosolo).

Since mid-January, the two Congolese doctors Dr. Bosolo and Dr. Boketsu from the Disciples' Church in the Equator region have been staying in Bukavu for further training with Dr. Mukwege, the Nobel Laureate 2018.
Dr. Mukwege is a Congolese gynaecologist, human rights activist, founder and chief surgeon of the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu in the South Kivu region. Mukwege is considered the world's leading expert in the treatment of injuries to girls and women caused by gang rape and targeted physical abuse of the abdomen.
Dr. Bosolo reports that he has already been able to participate in several operations. He was very happy that he had the opportunity to learn particularly difficult surgical techniques in order to be able to help women whom he had not been able to treat before. The training of Dr. Boketsu is financed by UEM.

Dr. Bosolo has been leading the ambulance boat since 2011, with which a team of medical experts travels several times a year to ensure basic health care for remote villages in the district of Bolenge in the Democratic Republic of Congo that can only be reached by boat. Over 200,000 people with limited access to health care live on rivers such as Congo and Ubangi. In addition to the necessary operations, Dr. Bosolo is constantly using the opportunity to inform people about Ebola and the pathways of infection. Bibiane Chiragane, a UEM co-worker, is also part of his dedicated team. She educates people about HIV/AIDS and advises them on all aspects of family planning.
The project is managed by the Kirchenkreis Dortmund, which maintains a partnership with Bolenge. With the support of the UEM, a new ambulance boat has now been built and has been in operation for a few months.

The ambulance boat project at the Protestant Kirchentag in Dortmund

During the next Kirchentag, the Kirchenkreis Dortmund will set up an ambulance boat tent in the "Weltgarten" (Global Garden) on the grounds of the Westfalenhallen in order to present the aid project there, including Dr. Bosolo.
The ambulance boat is regarded as an exemplary project because local experts and external partners have joined forces to alleviate extreme suffering. This unique cooperation is based on mutual trust in order to plan the future together and to invest in it - a good example that inspires courage.

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