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Rev. Rosmalia Barus from the Karo Batak Church points at the dangerous ash cloud erupted from the vulcano Singabung in North Sumatra in February 2018. (Photo: GBKP)

Many of the UEM member churches in Asia and Africa live in the proximity of active vulcanoes which erupted with ashes and lava flows in the recent past. This is for example the case in Indonesia, more precisely on the islands Sumatra, Java und Bali, but also in the Philippines and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

In case of an eruption the affected families within the evacuation zone have to seek a safe shelter very quickly. Generally the UEM member churches within the country are the first ones who take care of the victims staying in emergency accommodations by making available food, potable water, clothing and blankets.

The UEM communion of solidarity supports such emergency work by transferring financial emergency aid which is provided by the members from Africa, Asia and Germany.



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