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Workshop on UEM Administrative and Financial Guidelines

The UEM co-workers of the Africa and Wuppertal offices. (Photo: UEM)

From the 5th to the 7th December 2017 at the UEM Regional Office in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania was held a workshop on UEM working structures and conditions. The meeting brought together five UEM Staff in the regional office with the UEM Executive Secretary for Finances and Administration, Mr.  Timo Pauler and the Africa Executive Secretary for Africa, the Rev Dr John Wesley Kabango. Towards the end of 2017, it is time to look back on the implemented work and to plan for 2018.

Planning and evaluation are at the heart of UEM efforts to make development co-operation more effective at supporting a holistic development growth and reducing poverty. Questions about administrative and financial guidelines have pre-occupied the participants. It is UEM concern to demonstrate the results of development activities. UEM and all UEM member churches alike need more credible, timely evidence about their performance. Together the staff reflected on how to improve the applied guidelines.

The goals of this meeting was to share, be informed and discuss on general UEM policies and decide on UEM financial and administrative guidelines aiming at improving the UEM joint programs implemented by the African churches, reaching out to the grassroots community.

It was identified the strengths and weaknesses and it was suggested corrective measures, especially in the following areas:

  • To assess and comment on the adequacy of UEM’ s financial management system in managing and monitoring the use of funds at the regional office;
  • To ascertain if adequate controls exist and being followed in respect of financial support made to African member churches and discuss about the impact of the UEM supported projects;
  • To agree on transparency measures and how reports are produced by all UEM project managers. To establish if there is good funds management;
  • To ascertain how the UEM staff is considering their professional performance in relation to UEM work plans.

It was established what needs to be addressed so as to improve work. As a result it was produced an updated and revised UEM administrative and financial guidelines for use at the regional office and appropriate subsequent action.

Rev Dr John Wesley Kabango, Africa Executive Secretary

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