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  • South-South volunteers program

    Volunteers from African and Asian member churches will volunteer in Africa or Asia for one year in order to learn from and share experiences with other Christians.

The program

UEM has been running volunteer programs over the years, hereby promoting exchange for youths between member churches. In this framework, young Germans have been sent to church institutions in Africa and Asia under the North-South program. Recently also, young Africans and Asians have been sent to church institutions in Germany to volunteer for a year under the South-North program.

This year, we intend to continue with the South-South program involving youth in African and Asian churches. Therefore, youth from Africa and Asia will volunteer in Africa or Asia for one year in order to foster learning opportunities and promote intercultural exchange and sharing experiences with other Christians.

These volunteers will actively support the work in their hosting institution.

Call for applications 2022/23: Closing date for submission: March 11, 2022!

  • Who can apply?

    All UEM members in Africa and Asia are invited to apply, their candidates should be active member of their church, ideally in youth leadership roles suitable to take over leadership roles in the future and enjoy the full support of the church, expressed by the church’s endorsement from the head of the church.

    Please find below the requirements for your selection:

    • You are available from July 2022 – June 2023
    • You must be an active member in your home congregation, such as, Sunday school teacher, youth group leader or others
    • You are between 18-28 years old and have finished at least secondary or tertiary education
    • You speak English fluently and are willing to learn the language of your hosting church or institution
    • You are willing to serve and work hard when required
    • You have the readiness to go through good and difficult times
    • You integrate in a congregation with different cultural backgrounds
  • Who is financing the program?

    UEM is covering flight tickets to/from hosting country including visa fees. During the duration of their volunteer service, all volunteers will receive a monthly pocket money. Volunteers will receive free accommodations and meals in their placements.

    Other preparatory cost will be shouldered by the respective member church. This includes costs for the application of visa (local), travel expenses during visa application/place of origin-airport-place of origin (local flight/bus/taxi) and accommodations (if required).

  • Available placements

    In 2022/2023, 3 placements will be available in Africa and Asia.

    Activities are manifold, depending on the activities of the hosting institution. They can be related to youth work, Sunday school, child care, elderly care or adult education. Applicants can indicate their preferences according to their skills, but should remain flexible with regard to their placement profile. The hosting congregations are geographically located in Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Tanzania, D.R. Congo, Botswana, Namibia and Cameroon.

  • Tentative program:

    South-South volunteers are expected to fully participate in the life and activities of their hosting church or institution. You will stay for 12 months in the hosting church or institution.

    • September 2021: Call for applications among UEM member churches;
    • 11 March 2022: Deadline for proposal of candidates towards UEM;
    • 31 March 2022: Selection of candidates by UEM;
    • April 2022 – June 2022: Preparation procedure and Orientation for departure;
    • July 2022: Arrival in the Host institution;
    • July 2022–June 2023: Living and working in the hosting church institution.
  • How to apply?

    If you want to apply for this program, please contact your church head office.

    Note: All applications should be submitted to UEM in Word or PDF Format exclusively by your church head office and should consist of a:

    1)    Completed application form;

    2)    Curriculum Vitae;

    3)    Medical examination form to be completed by a doctor;

    4)    One-page motivation letter which explains why you want to participate in this program;

    5)    Completed church endorsement form signed by the head of the church;

    6)    3 Recommendation letters from a person who knows you and your skills well, e.g. pastor, teacher etc.

    7)    A passport size photograph; and,

    8)    Scan of your latest passport valid for at least 3 years

    Your church will forward the (digital) applications of all suitable candidates to:

    Africa: to the UEM regional program officer at the UEM Africa Regional office in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Ms. Leah Enock, email: Tel: +255 (0)222 / 125980;

    Asia: to the UEM regional program officer at the UEM Asia Regional Office in Medan, Indonesia, Ridho Sunelju H. Simamora, email: Tel: +62 622 7357681

    Selection will be done by UEM. You will be informed immediately through your church whether you are one of the participants of this program in 2022.


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Leah Enock
Administrative Assistent
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Ridho Simamora
Programme Officer
Jl. Pdt. J. Wismar Saragih, Bane, Kec. Siantar Utara, Kota Pematangsiantar, 21142 North Sumatra, Indonesia
+62 622 7357681


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