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Executive Secretary African Region
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Rev. Dr Dyah Krismawati
Executive Secretary Asian Region
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The "United Action" Campaign in Africa and Asia

We know that the wealth in this world is still not evenly spread, but it is no longer true that only the churches of the North can support others. We are experiencing, for instance, that member churches of the United Evangelical
Mission in Africa and Asia support each other with heart and soul in a very efficient way in cases of natural and man-made disasters by sending funds and personnel. That is why we as UEM initiated United Action. We want
to show that the churches in Africa and Asia are powerful in every respect, including financial aid for those who need help. We can achieve a lot if we all act in concert and take over joint ownership of UEM. The "United Action" campaign connects all actions aiming at raising this financial aid.

Children in need

United Action is collecting money for "Children in need". Children and youth are a great treasure the Lord has given us. To make a better future for them possible is one of our most important tasks and an
essential part of our holistic understanding of mission. That is why our member churches in Africa, Asia and Germany run orphanages, day care centres, schools and universities, that is why they care for street children and
handicapped children, that is why they are  present where other just look away. The donations of these two years of United Action will directly support concrete projects of our member churches helping "children in need".

Please click here to learn more about some of those projects.

Development of Targets and Income

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  • Results of United Action Fundraising 2016 - Africa Region

  • Results of United Action Fundraising 2016 - Asia Region

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