United Action: How can churches take part?

Every single contribution is important to support our joint mission. That is why the range of possible fundraising  activities is wide. Churches could decide to give special worship offerings to United Action, organise fundraising
concerts, proclaim a UEM week with events for this particular purpose or even nominate United Action Ambassadors.

Please feel free to develop own fundraising approaches. There is hardly any limit of ideas. We are very  thankful that a lot of churches have already begun to show ownership of UEM and collect money for our joint mission.

The UEM offices in Africa, Asia and Germany support all
the efforts, e.g. by

  • providing detailed information about United Action
  • connecting churches in the matter of fundraising (e.g. exchanging best practice ideas)
  • providing administrative support

We will report regularly on the outcomes of United Action and about the development of respective projects. We are convinced that United Action will bring us together even closer than before – taking part in God’s mission on earth.

Best practice example: Walk a mile

In March 2016 a very special event took place in North Sumatra. Hundreds of participants walked a mile to support "United Action". This sponsor walk was initiated by the Karo Batak church (GBKP) in Kabanjahe. The event was very successful and raised several thousand Euro for children in need.

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