United Action for volunteers

The United Evangelical Mission is looking back on 30 years of experience in sending volunteers to its member churches. Young people are offered a chance to go abroad for one year to work in UEM member churches or diaconic institutions. We consider the volunteer programmes as a substantial and important component of our mission and programmes, and therefore consequently invest a substantial amount of our annual overall budget into this programme.

Financing the volunteer programme

Generally, UEM covers all expenses for the volunteer programmes, including flight, insurances, visa, pocket money or seminar preparation. Though UEM considers the volunteer programmes as a substantial and important component of its mission and programmes, there is a need for additional sources of funding. Beside government funding, the receiving churches contribute to the volunteer programmes (for example through free accommodation and food).

All UEM volunteer programmes depend on the support of individuals and many people are involved in the facilitation of the programme: host families and friends, supporters and mentors, church member and neighbours, language teacher and many other people are doing their best to make this programme a special one.

But a programme like the volunteer service is not possible without a high amount of funding. Based on the Integrated Guidelines for Volunteer programmes, all UEM volunteers in all three programmes (North-South, South-North and South-South) are asked to build up a network of supporters that contribute to UEM for the period of the volunteer’s term. This support goes to the UEM volunteer programmes under the heading “United Action for Volunteers”.

Together we can make a big step towards a better future”

These support networks are built in all three UEM volunteer programmes (North-South, South-North and South-South. Through these networks, your friends and family members, neighbours or teachers can express their solidarity and bear responsibility for the quality and continuous and ongoing improvement of UEMs volunteer work.

Taking part in United Action for Volunteers is a chance for you to share your gained experiences with your local parish, your church, your community and network at home.

Beside this, you can:

  • receive prayer and guidance in good and difficult times
  • inspire people with your stories and photos
  • share your impressions during your volunteer service about your daily work
  • share impressions about a culture different from your own
  • develop and strengthen a relationship with your network
  • share different forms of spirituality and religious expression with your home congregation and local church
  • ensure that many people benefit from your experience abroad
  • bring in your experiences into church life and society during your service and after your return.

Taking part in United Action for Volunteers in not only a wonderful opportunity to make people feel responsible for your volunteer service, it can also help you to stay in close contact to church leaders and members.

How can I take part in United Action for Volunteers?

We suggest that you, as a future volunteer, start to build up your individual network of supporters several months before you are starting your service. The best way would be to write an individual letter of motivation to all envisaged members of your network, explaining why you have decided to become a volunteer, that your church has selected you among other candidates and that UEM invites you to participate and become a volunteer for the term of 12 months. You might also include some information on United Evangelical Mission in general. It is important that you emphasise the idea of solidarity for such an important learning programme, and also, in what ways you want to bring in your experiences into church life and society after your return, so that people understand the benefit of such programme beyond your individual gain.

How much should members of my network pay?

All volunteers are asked to build up a network of at least 10 people/families. Every member of the network is asked for a monthly contribution of:

From Botswana: 60 Botswana Pula (BWP)

From Cameroon: 1000 Central African Franc (CFA)

From Dem. Republic of Congo: 1000 Congolese Franc (CDF)

from Germany: 10 Euro (EUR)

From Hong Kong: 100 Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

From Indonesia: 100.000 Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

From Namibia: 75 Namibia Dollar (NAD)

From Rwanda: 1000 Rwandan Franc (RWF)

From Sri Lanka: 1000 Sri Lanka Rupee (LKR)

From Tanzania: 2000 Tanzanian Shilling (TZS)

From the Philippines: 300 PHP Philippine Peso

Where should the money transferred to?

All volunteers are asked to collect money for United Action for Volunteers – all members of the volunteer’s network are asked to transfer their monthly contribution to the sending church of the volunteer. The UEM offices in Dar es Salam, Medan and Wuppertal are prepared to assist the churches in Africa and Asia.

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