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Management for church leaders

Exchange is highly important at the management training for church leaders.

Ten church leaders from Africa and Asia have come to Germany to learn more about how to lead a church well and efficiently. They will stay until June 27th for a seminar of the United Evangelical Mission (UEM) which includes training in human resource development, strategy and vision development, spirituality, conflict management, leading of meetings and conversation techniques.

The church leader will have talks at the headquarters of the Rhenish and the Westphalian Church as well as the v. Bodelschwingh foundation in Bielefeld-Bethel. They will also visit partnerships and the congregations in Koenigswinter and Bonn-Beuel.

The church leaders form Asia

Ephorus Adolv Bastian Marpaung (GKPA)
Ephorus Panulis Sagutung (GKPM Mentawai)
Chairman Rudy Sewoyo (GKJW East Java)
General Secretary Ramlan Hutahaean (HKBP)

Die Kirchenleiter aus Afrika

General Secretary Erasto Kamihanda (ELCT-KAD)
General Secretary Godwin Lwezaura (ELCT-NWD)
General Secretary Richard Mariki (ELCT-ECD)
General Secretary Dickson Diwanga Moyambo (ELCB)
General Secretary James Mwinuka (ELCT-NED)
Bishop Nathan Amooti Rusengo (EAR Cyagugu)

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