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9th UEM General Assembly opened in Parapat, Indonesia

Picture above: the Delegates coming from the three UEM regions give up their votes. 2nd picture from above: reception by the traditional Simalungung dancers. 3rd picture from above: Reception committee for the GA delegates. 4th picture from above: the high table with Ulrich Möller (Vice Moderator Germany), Volker Dally (General Secretary), Willem Simarmata (Moderator), Abednego Keshomshahara (Vice Moderator Africa), Rev. Rosmalia Braus (Vice Moderator Asia). Photos: UEM

The 9th General Assembly of the United Evangelical Mission (UEM) was opened today by the Moderator Pastor Willem Simarmata in Parapat on Lake Toba on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. At the invitation of the three UEM member churches Gereja Kristen Protestan Simalungun (GKPS), Gereja Kristen Protestan Indonesia (GKPI) and Huria Kristen Indonesia (HKI) the 68 delegates of the 36 UEM members from Africa, Asia and Germany as well as numerous guests will meet until 28 September. 

During the study day of the conference the Assembly will deal with the phenomenon of the radicality of faith in both a positive and negative sense. "When we speak of radicalism, we immediately think of terrorism, extremism and violence in the name of a religion. But Jesus taught us that our faith in Him as our healer, liberator, reformer and saviour becomes radicalized. Our radical faith in Jesus Christ thus manifests itself in our existence working and fighting for justice and peace on the basis of biblical truth. We are called to heal and preach the blind, the lame, the lepers and the deaf. This is our faith as Christians," Simarmata said in his opening sermon referring to Luke 7:22.

The General Assemblies of the international Church Fellowship take place every two years between the UEM regions Africa, Asia and Germany.

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