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Partnership Seminar in Papua has been opened - network for church-owned schools

The GKI-TP church president Alberth Yoku (photo: UEM)

By Kristina Neubauer

The Evangelical Church in the Land of Papua (GKI-TP) is hosting the second partnership seminar of the United Evangelical Mission (UEM) in the Asia region from July 29 to August 5, 2015

The 52 delegates of the 16 UEM member churches in the Asia region discuss under the motto: „Share the Good News: Grace and Faith in Partnership Activities“ the future programs and activities of their partnership work. A special focus is put on the building-up of school partnerships. "The quality of church-owned schools  in Papua has clearly deteriorated“, stated Natan Pahabol, the co-ordinator of GKI-TP partnerships. "Especially in rural regions the schools are vacant because nobody wants to teach there.“ Until Sunday the delegates deliberate on how to strengthen the capacities of the church, e.g. by personnel exchange and transfer of knowledge. After the seminar the delegates will travel to Jayapura to visit current partnership projects of GKI-TP. 

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