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Colourful diversity in climate activities

Activites of church youths in matters relating to environmental conservation must be done continuously throughout the year. Photo: Sophia Angraita / UEM

In order to implement the Youth Climate Action Day (YCAD) 2017, the UEM Regional Asia held several activities in Indonesia. Spread across on several points (western, central and eastern part of Indonesia), several UEM member churches have participated in creating activities related to anti climate change campaigns. Attention to garbage, tree planting in both land and coastal areas, and campaigns also dissemination of anti-climate movements through seminars, screenings, and Sunday school teaching have been undertaken.

There are two activities held in this series of YCAD 2017, they called as the Pre-YCAD 2017 and YCAD 2017. The pre-YCAD 2017 is activities undertaken before November 4th, 2017. While YCAD 2017 is the activities undertaken as the highlight of the event. This is done deliberately to ensure that the activities of church youths in matters relating to environmental conservation not only stop at a one-day event, but must be done continuously throughout the year.

There are some good results that could be grasp from YCAD 2017:
For GKI-TP, GKJW, and GKJTU, it was their first time joining the Youth Climate Action Day. But even so, their activities on the island of West Papua and Java have given colorful diversity in YCAD activities this time. Hopefully there will be more UEM church members join us next year.

In addition to the activities undertaken by each church, there are two regional actions organised in Asia. It was in Siantar and Medan. The series of activities undertaken in these two places has been done by inviting outside parties such as schools, universities and environmental organisations, even brothers and sisters from other religions. This is something that deserves to be appreciated, given that the issue of radicalism and extremism under the guise of religion in Asia is still a busy discussed issue.

Text: Sophia Anggraita /UEM

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