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CBCA Partnership-Consultation Goma, September 22-25, 2015

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This is a historical consultation, already planned 20 years beforehand, now taking place after having lived difficult times caused by the continuing conflicts in the Eastern regions of the DR Congo. Presently, the CBCA is facing challenges related to the forthcoming Presidential Elections in 2016. Germany, meanwhile, is internationally appreciated for having received refugees and accepting connected challenges. It is in this context that a 4 days’ partnership consultation is starting in Goma, bringing together Congolese and Germans from UEM member churches: The partnerships of the church circuits Goma and Saar-West, Kalungu and Cologne, Bukavu and Herne, Muku and Altenkirchen as well as Walungu and Niedernhausen and all other Partnerships, we all are called to witness the grace that God gave us! We come together to reinforce our cooperation, to enrich one another culturally, spiritually and materially. "Being the children of God, we are going to reflect together how to strengthen our partnership relations", says Dr Kakule Molo, President of CBCA.

 (J.W. Kabango)


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