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Honorary Doctorate Awarded to UEM Moderator

Honorary doctorate awarded to Dr. h.c. Willem T.P. Simarmata (right). (Photo: UEM)

We are happy with our moderator, Pastor Dr. h.c. Willem T.P. Simarmata, about the award of the honorary doctorate by the Hanil University and Presybiterian theological university in South Korea.

The Indonesian theologian is honoured for his achievements in various leadership functions in international ecumenism, i.e. as moderator of the UEM, the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) and as member of the Executive Committee of the World Council of Churches (WCC). Also important is his role as former Ephorus of Indonesia's largest evangelical church, the Batak Church HKBP in North Sumatra. In addition, his leadership as General Secretary in 1999 immediately after the reconciliation and overcoming of the inner-church conflict of the HKBP is appreciated.

Prof. Dr. Kim Yong Bock, internationally renowned theologian from South Korea and representative of the liberal Minjung theology, was advocate for the award of an honorary doctorate to his former theology student. The award ceremony took place on 12 April 2019 at the HKBP Theological College in Pematang Siantar, North Sumatra. Congratulations to Dr h.c. Simarmata!

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