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Goodbye Sisters & Brothers

The leaving ecumenical co-workers (from left): Robert Byamungu, Priscilla Quezon, Ipyana Mwamugobole, and Elizabeth von Francois. Valens Karangwa could not attend. (Photo: UEM)

On March 15 the UEM Region Germany said goodbye to five ecumenical co-workers: Priscilla Quezon from the member church UCCP in the Philippines. Since three years Priscilla is a tutor for arts & music at the UEM training centre Bielefeld-Bethel. Elizabeth von Francois from the ELCRN member church in Namibia who is an exchange pastor in Tecklenburg for the Westphalian church since six years. Dr. Ipyana Mwamugobole from the ELCT in Tanzania who is a tutor at the UEM training centre Wuppertal since six years. Pastor Robert Byamungu from the Baptist Church in Goma (CBCA) in the DR Congo who works in Castrop-Rauxel (Germany) since six years. Pastor Valens Karangwa from the member church EPR in Ruanda who works in Dortmund and Lünen and who could not attend due to sickness. The ecumenical co-workers plan to return back home next summer.

Dr. Martina Pauly

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