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Master students for field research in the Philippines

Picture above: The students at field research in Manila.

Picture below: The students with the staff of the UCCP National Office in Manila. (Photos: Godwin Ampony/UEM)

The fourth batch of the international students pursuing the International Master of Arts in Diaconia Management (IMADM) are in the Philippines for the second section of their studies from January 11th to February 15th 2019. The thirteen students are from all UEM regions, Africa, Asia and Europe regions and out of ten different countries. They will undertake one week of field research on Diaconic Institutions of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) in Manila. A special focus in Manila is, to experience best practice examples of faith based advocacy work as part of transformative diaconia. The transformative Diaconia tries to improve sustainably the socio-political and economic framework conditions in order to change the living conditions of people in need. The remaining four weeks of the section in the Philippines will be spent in the Silliman University in Dumaguete for lecturing and academic reflection of field research. The Silliman University is one of five international cooperating universities for the IMADM.

Students are accompanied by staff of UEM and lecturers of the Institute for Diaconic Science and Management of Protestant University Wuppertal/Bethel, the academic responsible partner of the study program

Rev. Godwin Ampony, International Diaconia, UEM Training Centre Bielefeld-Bethel.

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