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Solidarity among UEM to Fight Ebola

Rev. Agustinus Purba, Moderamen of the Karo Batak Church in North Sumatra (GBKP). Photo: M.Pauly/UEM

Apart from the urgency aid from German UEM members also UEM churches from Africa and Indonesia are providing financial support to the UEM sister churches in Western Congo to fight Ebola.

On behalf of the whole congregation members of GBKP, We Moderamen GBKP would like to express our concern to the cases of suspected death from Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo surround. We pray that the Government and the whole related institution could work hard to overcome this disaster. We also pray that all the victims could be strong enough to face this disaster and the whole community of DRC could be cautious regarding the practices which can contaminate them from the severe Ebola diseases. As the sign of our concern and empathy to this case, we will transfer IDR 5.000.000,- (around 333 Euro) to the account of UEM Asia Department (...)," says the letter sent by the head of the Karo Batak church board (GBKP) from North Sumatra (Indonesia) to UEM in Wuppertal.

The following UEM member churches from the Africa region donate 300 Euros each for the Ebola prevention, namely: Evangelical Anglican Church in Rwanda (EAR), Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Ruanda (EPR), Evangelical Church in Congo (ECC), Evangelical Church in Botsuana (ECLB) as well as the Tanzanian Karagwe (KAD) and North Western Dioceses (NWD).

Martina Pauly

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