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(from left) Mr. Gady Kubwayesu, Ms. Konia Wira Rajagukguk, Mr. Godwin Ampony, Ms. Nurafni Aisah Hasibuan and Mr. Matthias Börner (photo: UEM).

The International Diaconia Department of UEM has through its exchange of students program supported the three students Ms. Konia Wira Rajagukguk, Ms. Nurafni Aisah Hasibuan from the deaconesses school of STD HKBP Balige (Indonesia) and Mr. Gady Kubwayesu from the Protestant University PUR (Rwanda) to participate in an international study program at Protestant University of Applied Sciences in Bochum in cooperation with University of Applied Sciences also in Bochum (Germany).

The International study program which commenced in the third week of March with academic work was officially opened on 1st April 2019 at the campus of the Protestant University of Applied Sciences in Bochum. The study period is expected to end in July when the students will travel back to their home universities to complete their studies.

The exchange program is part of the cooperation processes between UEM and cooperating universities in Africa, Asia and Germany working towards the start of International Bachelor degree in Diaconia and Social work. The summer school deals mainly with the issues on social work and health professions in the context of culture and diversity. Subjects to be taught include cross-cultural comparison of social contexts of social work, theories and concepts of diversity, community work, using the arts to inform intercultural work and field research among others. Other International students participating the study program come from Turkey and Russia.
The International Diaconia Department was represented by Rev. Matthias Börner (head of International Diaconia Program) and Rev. Godwin Ampony (coordinator of degree programs).

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