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New workshop on psycho-social trauma healing in Butare (Rwanda)

The participants of the workshop at the opening by Bishop Nathan Gasatura

By Sr. Irene Girsang

35 female leaders of the women work on grass-root level coming from Rwanda and the DR Congo discuss on trauma healing and jointly develop training modules.

Since August 17th, 2015 the 35 female leaders of women work from three UEM members churches in Rwanda, namely from EAR and EPR as well as from the Congolese church CBCA meet in a workshop and training for psycho-social trauma healing. Bishop Nathan Gasatura officially opened the meeting.

The workshop is the outcome of the cooperation between Florence Gasatura (UEM Vice Moderator of the Africa region), Irene Girsang (officer for the interregional womens work of UEM) and Prof. Dr. Al Fuertes (theologian and lecturer at the George Mason University, Virginia, USA) .

During the workshop the participants discuss on and develop new ways to understand and to cope with violence and trauma within their congregations.

The tangible results of the discussions will be transmitted into training modules which are presented by the participants at the end of the 8 days workshop. This way the participants are enabled to take the training modules into their congregations and to serve as a multiplier by implementing the methods within their own context.

It is the communion which gives to the participants the strength and the self-confidence to approach and to cope with the difficult issue of trauma healing. „Because only together we are strong“, says Mrs. Muteho from the CBCA church „and are able to reach many women.“

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