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    Digitalization of Church Communication

UEM projects are based on the initiative of our member churches in Africa, Asia and Germany. Instead of launching our own projects, we trust in people who live locally and will continue to be there in the future.

Communication technology makes it possible

Restrictions on social contacts, curfews and limited travel opportunities are bringing about new developments in the UEM communion that would have been unthinkable months ago. Many people are using digital communication technology to stay connected. Pupils and students at church schools and universities are taught via the Internet. Conferences from continent to continent run via the Zoom internet platform. About 80 educational seminars of the VEM, which had to be cancelled this year due to the Corona crisis, are now held via the Internet after a complex changeover. Spiritual cooperation is also maintained in online services, albeit in a different form.

Digital teaching

For these forms of communication, stable Internet connections and functioning devices are a prerequisite. The churches must now purchase technical equipment such as computers, Internet cameras and headphones and ensure stable Internet access, but their own resources are not sufficient for this. Due to the decline in collections and school fees, from which the churches largely finance themselves, there is now no money for salaries and for investments in digital communication technology.

To enable children and students to learn again and bring people back into contact with each other, the UEM is asking for financial support for the important expansion of digital technology with its fundraising campaign "Communication technology makes it possible". Especially in times of corona-related isolation, people need comfort and hope in Jesus Christ and encouragement within their church community.

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