Climate Spirituality

When churches engage for climate justice, climate spirituality cannot be left out. UEM therefore published a brochure with prayers, songs and texts about "Climate sprirituality".

Songs, prayers and texts about climate and climate change

"As long as the earth endures, seed-time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night shall not cease" (Genesis 8,22). In accordance with this, God's promise, the UEM, since 2008, has been raising awareness through exhibitions, projects and advocacy work that it is not our human responsibility to destroy the earth.

UEM members support each other

Together with churches throughout the world, the UEM is participating in the ecumenical World Council of Churches' programme "Peace with the Earth". Through international ecumenical team visits, UEM Member Churches are supporting each other in the fight against deforestation, landgrabbing and environmental destruction brought about by mining and palm oil plantations as well as environmental pollution in big cities.

Reflection on creation theology

Furthermore, churches have started to reflect on creation theology in their respective regional and cultural contexts. Climate and nature have become a matter of biblical reflection, theological debate, spiritual life, prayer and action. At the same time, members in the UEM have asked for a collection of  such material from all three regions to be shared and used within the UEM communion.

First brochure

In a first brochure (until now in English, German and Bahasa Indonesia) UEM presents songs, prayers and texts from three continents which can be used to address for 'climate and spirituality' in devotions, worships and bible sharings in congregations in all UEM regions.

The brochure will also be made available in French and Kiswahili as well. These brochures and further material will be accessable through this website.  All who are interested are also invited to share further material on climate and spirituality, which will be added to this website.

Additional songs (not included in the brochure):

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